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Hello, all friends and fans who may be looking here to see about upcoming performances. As of this writing (March 23, 2020), we all know that near-future schedules have become very tenuous, and at the moment I’m neither removing any calendar entries that were up here, nor adding anything for further-off shows that are in the works. Clearly, most or all of what you can see here now is either cancelled or will soon likely be. But so you know, there are indeed some exciting performance events around the corner, even though that might mean late summer or fall at this point. If you are on here to learn more about me as a musician, you can see more examples of the kind of things I do by looking at earlier events in this archive, as well as by taking a peek at my news items, or checking out album excerpts within the Store (please do!).

By the way, don’t worry, the selfie included here, of yours truly at O’Hare Airport, is from a year ago – I luckily haven’t had to go through that joint in the midst of the current situation. But I thought my “jeez, travel can be a hassle” face might be even more pertinent now than it was then :-)

Take care, everybody, and keep an eye out for some exciting musical announcements of various kinds from my corner, coming soon!