The long-awaited new album from Milwaukee jazz guitarist and composer Paul Silbergleit features his regular quartet of several years, with fine musicians from both the Milwaukee and Chicago scenes, and a host of original tunes just waiting to be heard beyond the stage!

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In this current jazz world where we musicians so prevalently work on a freelance basis, playing in many different configurations with numerous colleagues, I’m particularly happy to call this lineup the Paul Silbergleit Quartet whenever we have the chance to converge. I’ve been on the Milwaukee scene for decades now myself, while Todd is one of the top flight drummers in that famous jazz town of Chicago (and we’re lucky he’s inclined to make it up to Wisconsin so often to join us!). Clay cut his teeth as a bassist in his hometown of Albuquerque, and landed in Milwaukee about six years ago after stints in Denver and New York City, immediately becoming an invaluable addition to our musical community. And Eric is someone who my contemporaries and I saw grow from college student to college teacher, emerging as an excellent younger-generation saxophonist who was musically and personally right on the same page with us.
After many nights of this unit playing together, most frequently at Caroline’s Jazz Club and the Jazz Estate, it was high time to document our collective music making—and it was even more high time for me personally, not having released an album in quite a while, to share these tunes of mine with the world. The result of these efforts is January, my third album as a leader, and a collection of tracks that I’m happy to present to you. Thanks for listening, and I hope you’ll enjoy the music in much the same way as if you’d joined us for a night at the club!
—Paul Silbergleit, May 2019


Paul Silbergleit—Guitar
Eric Schoor—Tenor Saxophone
Clay Schaub—Bass
Todd Howell—Drums
Recorded August 2 and 3, 2018 at Tanner-Monagle Studio, Milwaukee, WI
Recorded by Ric Probst
Mixed and mastered by Brian Schwab
Design: Jamie Breiwick

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