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The Hidden Standard


Paul Silbergleit’s new album, featuring fresh arrangements of a super-eclectic mix of songs, played by a killin’ sextet lineup + musical guests, is now available on CD.

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After close to three years of trying to finish and get it released, The Hidden Standard is finally available on CD (here) as well as for download/streaming (elsewhere). Perhaps oddly for a guitarist’s album, it’s not actually overall that heavy on guitar—but it doesn’t need to be, when I’m in the good company of trumpeter Eric Jacobson, saxophonist Eric Schoor, pianist Mark Davis, bassist Jeff Hamann, and drummer David Bayles (a We Six lineup of recent vintage), along with special guest percussionists Bony Plog-Benavides, Amy Penington, and Robert Figueroa. And unlike my other recordings to date, it doesn’t contain a single original tune, but rather focuses on arrangements (eight by me, one by Schoor) of an eclectic mix of material, encompassing Beatles, Elton, Broadway, Joe Henderson, ’70s television, Carpenters, Monk, Prince, and folk.

I’m happy with the results, for both the presentation of these re-imagined songs and the playing vibe of all these friends and colleagues together. I certainly don’t claim that these are the most cutting-edge or sophisticated jazz sextet arrangements out there—they just represent a way of playing these tunes that I think hits the spot and gives this band a good vehicle for wailin’, and I hope that’s your feeling too as you take a listen!

—Paul Silbergleit, April 2021


Eric Jacobson—Trumpet
Eric Schoor—Tenor and Soprano Saxophone
Paul Silbergleit—Guitar
Mark Davis—Piano
Jeff Hamann—Bass
Dave Bayles—Drums
Bony Plog-Benavides—Congas and Bongos
Amy Penington—Bodhrán
Robert Figueroa—Cajón
Recorded August 20 and 21, 2018 at Tanner-Monagle Studio, Milwaukee, WI
Recorded by Ric Probst/Remote Planet Recording
Mixed and mastered by Brian Schwab
Design: Jamie Breiwick

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